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Christmas present inspiration for men

Tomorrow is the 1st September and most people will begin to count down to Christmas (that will be 114 days exactly!). Christmas present searching begins, as people aim to find the perfect presents for their loved ones. It is well known that the majority of men can be notoriously difficult to buy Christmas presents for.

Christmas present inspiration classic watches antique

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Antique pocket watch returned to National Trust place after more than a century

A pocket watch, made by Robert Milne of Manchester, was awarded to mill worker John Burgess, more than a century ago, on his retirement. The pocket watch was given to him for his dedicated service to the mill.

Quarry Bank Mill. National Trust. Antique pocket watch. Historic Display

Image credit: Aero Pixels, Flickr. Available under Creative Commons.

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Olympics Omega Watches Antique Pocket Watches Precision Timing History

Pocket watches were used for timing in Olympic history

Omega Watches are the Official Timekeepers of the 2016 Olympics, which are underway in Rio this year. They released a new line of watches honouring the prestigious Olympic Games. This is the 28th time that Omega has been appointed the vital and prestigious role. Omega are using new state-of-the-art timing technology developed for exact timing and photography systems that capture winners with complete precision.

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Antique Watches, Timeless, History, Classic Design, Craft, Watch making, Innovation

Can new watches replicate the timelessness of antique watches with innovative technology?

Two young entrepreneurial watchmakers from America have founded a new watch company in a need to celebrate antique watches. The company specialise in innovative watch making that combines 3D printing technologies and the craft of traditional watch manufacturing. Their mission is “preserving a piece of American manufacturing in history” by creating bespoke watches that reflect antique classics. They wanted to return to a time when watches weren’t just a smart, modern-looking fashion accessory but an heirloom that was passed from generation to generation, a reminder of the past before us. But can newly manufactured watches, that have the appearance of the classics, really hold the same symbolism that antique watches have?

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