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Man sells ‘cursed’ Rolex after trio of unfortunate events

For many, the idea of purchasing an antique wrist watch, such as a vintage Rolex, in immaculate condition for the very reasonable fee of £1,000 would be a temptation too strong. However, you might want to consider with caution as its current proprietor says he thinks it could well be cursed!

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The story of the Father of the Modern Clock

Following centuries of reverting to analogue watch designs that worked through the flow of water to calculate passage of time, for example. Modern human civilisation was successful in eventually achieving ways and means in which a precise clock that accurately told the time could be made.

Peter Henlein the man who invented wearable time

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Antique clock collector explains why the iPhone ‘snooze’ function is set to nine minutes, not 10

As there are so many millions of people globally who are in possession of smartphones and in particular, the iPhone from Apple, there is a question that is frequently asked, and that is; just why does the snooze function on the iPhone work on nine minute intervals?

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