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Rolex Submariner Watch Trends 2016 Fashion Fashionable Watch Maker Tag Heuer | Pieces Of Time Antique Watches Online Sales Shop

Watch trends for 2016

Rolex Submariner Watch Trends 2016 Fashion Fashionable Watch Maker Tag Heuer | Pieces Of Time Antique Watches Online Sales ShopThe watch you decide to wear on your wrist isn’t quite as sensitive to seasonal changes in fashion as what you wear on the rest of your body – but it does still change.

So while we all know there are classic watches will never go out of fashion, it is still good to know which of those classic watches is the most appropriate to wear with current trends.

So with that in mind we thought we’d take a look at some of the trends which are set to be big in the coming year. Continue reading

A beginner’s guide on setting up and reading your barometer

We’re often asked by our customers how to set up a new barometer so that they can create their own weather forecasts, so we thought that we would help everyone out with a guide on all the necessary information, from what they are used for to adjusting for various altitudes.

If you’re new to the barometer world and need a little help then follow our guide and you’ll be on the right path before you know it.

An antique barometer and compass travelling set in a green velvet box from

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Great Escape Rolex sells to anonymous bidder for £165,000 record fee

When it comes to antique wristwatches, a 1940s Rolex whose RAF owner was killed by the SS after the Great Escape, coming up for auction is set to attract a fair bit of interest. And when the lot came and saw the timepiece sell for £165,000, few were surprised.

Achtung 100m Schweizer Grenze. Halt The Great Escape Rolex Pieces of Time Continue reading

Knowing your hunter from your half-hunter: four key points in identifying different pocket watches and their cases

To the untrained eye it can be difficult to identify the many different antique pocket watches for sale, along with the cases that accompany them. This is why the helpful minds at Pieces of Time decided to give you four key tips that will help you decipher the main areas to look out for when you come across a timepiece you like the look of but are unsure of in terms of value and authenticity.

Silver and Enamel Swiss Cylinder - Antique Pocket Watch- Ideal To Wear To The Races Continue reading

Three reasons why watch repairs should only be carried out by experts

As experts in the field, we often hear stories of bodge jobs, as well as genuine attempts to fix watches as opposed to taking them to an expert who can fix the movement using their range of tools and qualified skills. Instead the efforts to save money, or cure curiosity/ability ends up costing people more time and money when they either end up with an irreparable timepiece, or have to pay to have it fixed correctly anyway. We urge you not to be that person. There’s a reason why there are people out there who can help. You wouldn’t fix a broken leg (even with help from Google), would you? Don’t run the gauntlet of risk, especially if its antique pocket watches, or similar – often irreplaceable – watches you own.

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Swiss Firm set to share wrist watch making skills and expertise with African trainees

In a positive step to help decrease the high unemployment rate in Nigeria as well as improving the level of the luxury standard of the populace, the well-known Swiss company Ulysse Nardin has announced it will begin the training of youths in the country in the art of wrist watch making and repairs.

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