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A poke at time: 11 things that occur when the clocks wind back for winter

There’s a host of things that happen when we go through that annual event of putting the clocks back. Now we’ve done it, let’s take a look at some of the more amusing things we’ve all known to happen, shall we?

Daylight Savings Time example with Pieces of Time

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‘£40m of work’ required on iconic Big Ben’s clock for bongs to remain sounding

Immediate, drastic maintenance and repairs are required on the Parliament’s Great Clock. The iconic Big Ben’s clock is set to be stopped for four months in order to prevent it from grinding to a halt, with a bearings problem at the root of the trouble.

Big Ben Famous London Landmark near Pieces of Time selling vintage watches for sale

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Gen. George S. Patton’s pocket watch set for auction this month

Another Patek Philippe classic creation is up for auction. This time it’s the 1909 pocket watch given to General George S. Patton by his parents upon his graduation from West Point Academy.

A black and white image of Gen. George S. Patton wearing an antique pocket watch for sale

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How to clean vintage pocket watch in 3 simple steps

Antique pocket watchesare widely collected around the world. But, as with anything, these movements can become tarnished or build up certain elements that can dull the appearance of the timepieces.

This is where cleaning comes into play. While we advise people to visit a professional antique watch dealer to carry out these processes to ensure that you don’t damage the items you have, we understand that it may not always be possible to do this. However, we have a handy guide for you so that you can clean a vintage pocket watch and have it back to its original state before you know it.

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Luxury watches galore at the second annual Watch & Jewellery Week

Watch lovers will come together this week as the industry’s finest watches are set at centre stage at the exquisite luxury shopping destination The Royal Exchange for the second annual Watch & Jewellery Week.

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