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Historic Breguet watches set for showcase exhibition at San Francisco’s Legion Of Honour museum

Anyone worth their salt will be aware of the fact that Abraham Louis Breguet is regularly referred to as the father of watchmaking. Breguet, being such a powerful name both historically and in modern society in the context of mechanical watch making means that many people are keen to experience some of his works in the flesh if they hadn’t had the good fortune to as of yet.

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Perpetual calendar and moonphase wristwatch by Patek Philippe

Are watches really worth collecting?

Watch collectors holding onto their treasured pieces may be securing their financial future. With the ever growing value of antique watches, they are considered a smart investment. If you have been considering whether a watch collection is really the right move for you here is some information on the recent market state:

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Hermes release a design for their contribution to The Only Watch auction

The Only Watch auction unites the world’s finest manufacturers to create 44 unique designs to raise money for charity. These items are limited edition and exclusively designed for the event.

The watches will be sold to raise money for research on Duchenne muscular dystrophy at The Only Watch auction on 7th November 2015 in Geneva. This auction has run every two years since 2005 and has attracted the attention of hundreds of collectors and connoisseurs keeping an eye out for their favourite pieces in a bid to add them to their treasured collections.

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