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Sotheby’s set to auction Patek Philippe’s record-breaking Supercomplication pocket watch again after 15 years

In London antique pocket watches sell for healthy but deserved amounts every day but there can be no argument that as far as watches go the Henry Graves Supercomplication pocket watch is the master of them all. This simply magnificent movement combines the Renaissance ideal of the unity of beauty with craftsmanship and the apex of science.

Patek Philippe | Supercomplication Timepiece | Antique Pocket Watch

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Charlie Chaplin’s granddaughter declares love of antique watches

The granddaughter of the one and only Hollywood legend Charlie Chaplin has appeared in films of her own. Films such as Wim Wenders’ Until the End of the World, Sidney Pollack’sSabrinaandThe Serpent’s Kiss, alongside Ewan McGregor to name a few.

Charlie Chaplin's Granddaughter | Carmen Chaplin | Loves Antique Watches

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Unlikely source proved as a positive impact on watch industry, history reveals

While it is now a straightforward affair to buy pocket watches for sale in London, or anywhere else for that matter, the unlikely accolade for the positive impact on the popularity of watches hundreds of years ago has gone to farmers. This, to many people, will come as quite a surprise indeed. Let us explain.

Close Up Image of Antique Pocket Watch | Open Cased Vintage | Classic Watch

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Hong Kong auction houses target important watches in latest lots

While vintage watches in London’s Sotheby’s continue to sell on a frequent basis the latest news will certainly whey the appetites amongst their Asian bidders for fine watches next month. While the October 8 important watches sale isn’t anticipated to beat the HK$221.5m (£18m+) record set by the house in 2013, the 450 lots for 2014 are projected to achieve a total of at least HK$110m.

Maitre Du Temps Chapter Three | Antique Watches For Sale

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