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Woman on the hunt for soldier’s antique pocket watch descendants

London antique pocket watches are often steeped in history and intrigue for many people and there is likely to never be an ending to these pocket watch stories. One watch that could make its way back its ancestors is currently in the possession of a woman living in Northumberland who is putting her efforts into finding the family of a First World War soldier in order to return a pocket watch to them.

Pocket Watch of Private Wesley Jackson | First World War Soldier | Woman Looking To Find Soldier's Family

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Solid gold Rolex given to Eisenhower was set to become world’s most expensive timepiece as it went for auction

We see antique watches for sale on a daily basis but one particular solid gold Rolex watch given to Second World War leader Dwight D. Eisenhower was set to become the world’s most expensive watch after it emerged that it was set for auction in America.


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What is the connection between Levi Strauss and pocket watches?

Most, if not all of us, have seen those stereotypical films of American kids in the 1950s wearing the blue jeans and white T-shirt combo that was the fashion at the time. When matches with a pair of high-top tennis shoes it was virtually an unofficial uniform. But when we indulged in the films which starred these American ‘cool cats’ did we ever pay much mind to the details of those must-have trousers?

Levii Jeans | With An Antique Pocket Watch |In The Watch Pocket

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Antiques dealer discover man’s missing family heirlooms in ginger pot

Antique pocket watches have been known to turn up in some strange places but this story is one to remember. Recently a man was left ‘gobsmacked’ following an unexpected reunion with £3,000 worth of family heirlooms that had been lost for almost a decade thanks.

Antique Pocket Watches |Found in Ginger Pot

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Christie’s Patek Philippe 175 Auction Preview

To celebrate watchmaker Patek Philippe’s 175th anniversary, Christie’s is hosting a thematic auction on November 9th at Geneva’s Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues. The celebratory event will see sales include a total of 100 lots, including everything from 19th-century enamel pocket watches to 1980s complicated wristwatches. So if you’re in the market and antique watches for sale in this exclusive auction appeals to you then take a look at this historic auction:

Patek Philippe | 1563 Split Seconds Chronograph

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Presenting the Jaquet Droz museum pocket watch

As far as antique pocket watches for sale in London are concerned, you will find the exact magic that the Jaquet Droz brand was looking for when they described that they have ‘rekindled the magic of watchmaking in the Age of Enlightenment’ for their newest timepiece.

montre-de-poche-musee | Antique Pocket Watch Remade | Jaquet Droz: The Museum Pocket Watch

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Ships, Clocks & Stars: The Quest for Longitude Exhibition at National Maritime Museum

If you enjoy all things maritime and you have a penchant for antique marine watches amongst other classic marine objects then this is the event for you. To mark the 300th anniversary of the passing of the Longitude Act in July 1714, this landmark exhibition tells the extraordinary story of the race to determine longitude (east-west position) at sea, helping to solve the problem of navigation and saving seafarers from terrible fates including shipwreck and starvation.

Ship, Clocks & Stars Exhibition | Antique Marine Watches

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Before there were dive watches: what divers used

It was thelaunch of Blancpain and Rolex’s respective first edition wristwatches designed for divers to use in the early 1950s that created the archetype of the modern dive watch. This is greatly thanks to the development of the quintessential rotating bezel. However they these manufacturers did not invent the first watch to be used by divers.

Hard_Hat_Pocket_Watch_Case | Vintage Pocket Watches

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