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3 Patek Phillipe watches that cost more than a Ferrari

As dealers inantique pocket watches, vintage watches and other such movements we deal with are precious, vintage and valuable. We deal in these timepieces on a daily basis. But if you were to try and show someone who wasn’t as in tune with just how valuable a collectable classic is then why not compare it to the cost of buying a Ferrari to hit home how much these exemplary pieces cost?

Here are three of the finest from legendary manufacturers Patek Phillipe:

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The vintage theme lives on as it dominates latest watch design

Although nothing could truly compare to the fine array of antique watches for sale you can come by in well-established antique stores it is a pleasant hat tip to these vintage movements that a revival of the classics was the key theme this year at the world’s largest watch fair.

The Longines Heritage Conquest 1954-2014 | Antique Watches For Sale

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Champion boxer relieved to be reunited with prized timepiece

We all know the feeling of frustration when something important to you is mislaid. Half hunter watches and antique wrist watches are just two of the examples of precious timepieces that will have gone missing from someone’s possession and are of great value. But just how many people would expect to relocate their prized movements like the famous boxing champion Manny Pacquiao?

Manny Pacquiao | Wearing The Rolex Prior To Losing It

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Louvre museum reopens 18th Century art deco galleries with help from antique watch manufacturer

Acting like the wonderful barometers of old to show the warm commitment to promoting European culture and history- it’s the famous Swiss watch manufactureBreguet. The good people at Breguethas made it possible for the most recent display of 18th-century French decorative arts in theLouvre Museum, Paris to see the light of day, with the reopening 33 dedicated galleries, previously closed for nearly a decade.

Breguet No. 2585 half-quarter repeating watch sold in 1811 to Prince Camille Borghèse- Antique Pocket Watch

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Watch evolution series

We’ve now come to the third and final edition in our series of the evolution of the watch from the wind up movements to today’s modern devices.

In this episode we will be discussing the beginning of the wrist watch that are so sought after alongside antique pocket watches for sale in antique shops today to the new era of the smart watch.

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Antique clocks sell for make headlines following auction

If you were at an auction house for the sole purpose of acquiring a new watch to add to your collection of antique marine watches would you be persuaded to bid for something different and make headlines while doing so? That’s exactly what two 18th-century timepieces did when they hit the headlines recently after they were both put up for auction at the same time.


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