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Equestrian-themed pocket watch by Longines set for exclusive re-issue

It’s true that when we are looking for antique watches, whether they be antique half hunter watches, vintage wrist watches or a classic desk clock, that the year of production is an important factor. Well one certain timepiece has been deemed worthy of a one-off production once again for the first time in 87 years.

Limited Edition Longines Pocket atch

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Charity shop receives £2000 Rolex watch donation

The best place to find antique watches for sale is of course through the registered dealers who can give you advice, guidance and more often than not a selection for you to choose from. However, every once in a while a vintage gem can pop up elsewhere and in this case a watch was donated to a charity shop in Edinburgh and is now set to be auctioned to raise funds to help the homeless as it turned out to be a vintage Rolex.

The 1960s Rolex watch is subject of a silent auction at Shelter- Antique Watches For Sale

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Time is money as watches top 2014 list of auction house search engine enquiries

The idea that antique pocket watches, classic wrist watches and clocks to name but a few time pieces, will ever lose appeal in the antiques market is a far-fetched notion. Recent news that luxury and antique watches are the two most popular items searched for by users of the auction house search engine Barneby’s further quashes this idea- thankfully.

Antique Watch Auction

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Mid-C18th antique clock set to surprise bidders at forthcoming auction

Antiques dealers are the lucky ones who get to see more than their fair share of the wonderful antique clocks and other classic pieces like handmade barometers but there is one 18th century bracket clock causing quite the stir prior to its auction at the Charterhouse on 1st August.

Mid 18th Century Antique Desk Clock

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Henry Graves Supercomplication by Patek Philippe available at auction after 15 years

There are pocket watches for sale that go for sale every day all over the world. However, one famous pocket watch we recently included in our feature on the most important pocket watches of all time is now rather excitedly up for sale. It’s a sublime watch with ultra-complicated watch with 24 functions- including a moon phases, perpetual calendar, sidereal time, power reserve, and indications for time of sunset and sunrise as well as the night sky of New York City- which was almost unheard of, and definitely never produced previously.

Patek Phillippe Supercomplication Antique Pocket Watch

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A how to guide on how to begin your watch collection

Watches, whether they be vintage watches, antique pocket watchesor something newer are traditionally used to mark milestones in a man’s life. They are frequently used to give as a present to a groom or best man on a wedding day. Not forgetting that a gold watch is still the established tribute for years of devoted service or a retirement.

Antique Pocket Watches on Display in a Well-Kept DisplayCase

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Time to celebrate Harrison’s sea clocks at Maritime museum

Marine watches maybe you thing or perhaps its barometers, but John Harrison’s perfectly accurate clocks, which turn out to be the standard issue marine chronometer, are a sight to behold. Fortunately there’s still time to celebrate the great man’s work as none of it has become ancienthistory through the introduction of modern technology, thankfully.

JohnHarrsison's Marine Watch- Antique Watches

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A question of survival as the smartwatch threatens the watch species, or does it?

The wristwatch- faithful, reliable, ever-present (if you remember to put it on) and also an accessory for style and expression oneself. It has also managed to so far survive the arrival of the smartphone to our lives. However there are claims that traditional movements are likely to become a rare sight as the birth of smartwatches grow in stature.

Antique Pocket Watch and Chain

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