Antique pocket watch handed in at charity shop

A charity shop in Ireland was the recent recipient of some very unusual items; one of which turned out to be an antique pocket watch.

Some of the other items have included a fake hair piece, and a pair of shoes which contained a hidden secret, in the form of two potatoes!

pieces of time antique pocket watches


Image: Jeffrey Smith under creative commons.

Upon closer inspection, it turned out that the gentleman’s pocket watch was more than just a regular donation, and it actually dates from the late 1700’s to the early 1800’s.

This follows along similar lines of another story we wrote about here at Pieces of Time last month, where a man sold a watch he bought for $5.99 and ended up selling for $35,000. The link to this article can be found here.

It is unsure as to what will happen to this pocket watch, which is currently on sale at the charity shop in Ireland.

The watch in question does not seem to have been kept in the best of conditions, as you can see from the picture above, which may well affect the value of it.

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