Enamel & Decorative Watches

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An interesting late 17th Century English verge clockwatch in silver pair cases.
Circa 1690
A rare late 17th Century English verge in fine silver and tortoiseshell pair cases.
Circa 1695
A fine late 17th Century French verge oignon with gilt and enamel cartouche dial in a gilt consular case.
Circa 1700
A fine and rare 18th Century English verge with automated scene in a gold consular case.
Circa 1730
An 18th Century English quarter repeating verge in gold and enamel pair cases with Chinese style decoration.
Circa 1735
A mid 18th Century English verge in very fine gold repousse pair cases by Moser.
Hallmarked London 1744
A mid 18th Century continental quarter repeating verge in gold repousse pair cases.
Circa 1750
An unusual mid 18th Century gilt metal box fitted with a champleve dial watch.
Circa 1750
A fine rare mid 18th Century Swiss verge in a gold set rock crystal consular case.
Circa 1750
A mid 18th Century French quarter repeating verge in a gold and enamel consular case with matching chatelaine.
Circa 1750
A rare 18th Century skeletonised quarter repeating Swiss verge with glass dial in a stone set consular case.
Circa 1760
A rare mid 18th Century English Staffordshire enamel patch box in the form of a pair cased watch of the period.
Circa 1760