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Why you should invest in antique watches over smartwatches

Smartwatches seem to be the latest craze in the watch world, but like any new technology, they will become outdated when the next model is released. Instead it is wiser to invest your money in antique watches, that keep and increase their value over time if they are maintained well. 

antique watch on man’s wrist.

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The 10 Most Beautiful Clocks in The World

From antique watches to magnificent clock towers, the beauty of clocks and their workings have fascinated people all over the world. Not only used for their time keeping functions, clock towers have been made to act as a memorial of events or showcase clockmaker talents. Here’s a list of the most beautiful clock towers you can visit on your travels.

Philadelphia City Hall one of the most beautiful clocks in the world.

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Antique wrist watches and other antiques used to make robot creations

Many peoples’ admiration of antiques, and antique wrist watches, stop at collecting, but not for Todd Sloane. Sloane is fascinated by the mechanics of a wide range of antique products and this fascination has turned into the subject of his art.

Artist makes little robot creations out of antique wrist watches


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