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What it was like in Britain in the era of our timepieces

We have many antique clocks and antique watches in our portfolio, ranging from the 17th century up to the 20th century. These timepieces are loved by their owners for many reasons, including their links to the past; that’s why we have decided to take a look at the fascinating eras that some of our antiques are from.

17th century antique watches available at Pieces of Time.

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Why you should invest in antique watches over smartwatches

Smartwatches seem to be the latest craze in the watch world, but like any new technology, they will become outdated when the next model is released. Instead it is wiser to invest your money in antique watches, that keep and increase their value over time if they are maintained well. 

antique watch on man’s wrist.

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Titanic timepiece up for auction

The key that a steward on the Titanic would have used to retrieve lifejackets has re-surfaced after 104 years. The key was found, along with an antique pocket watch, on Sidney Sedunary who unfortunately passed away during the tragedy at aged 25.

timepieces, key fob and antique pocket watch, found on Titanic steward

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Museum showcases antique pocket watch repaired by blind man

If you are a lover of watches and haven’t visited the Spalding Gentlemen’s Society museum in Broad Street, in Spalding, we highly recommend you take a trip to go. The museum had an open day on Sunday 9th October with a guided tour, showcasing a wide range of antique pocket watches and clocks, as well as the interesting history and stories behind the craftsmen and repairmen.

Museum showcase displays of antique pocket watches

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